Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Welcome to frustration land!

Good day everyone, as you can see from the words directly in front of your eyes I have created my own livejournal page. I used to put all my rambling rhetoric and snotty nonsense on the TELEVISED CRIMEWAVE blog but the more crap I write, the less it seems appropriate to shove it round any u-bend but my own.
So here it is, in all it's glory!
If I were you I'd get on board and follow this blog while you can because it's pretty obvious to all those concerned that it wont be long until it's been privatised (no I wont fucking spell it with a z) and streamed live from some powerful satire based website like The Onion or The Smoking Gun or PopBitch or erm...the er.....fucking Guardian or something.
So climb aboard the idiot bus, tune yr brain into and stay in doors.
At all times remain in your homes.

Tom Greatorex


  1. Do you accept boring people on the bus or just idiots?

  2. thank you for the invitation ! I don't "know how Sir Geffrey save the world", but i know how humor can do it, obviously. Boring AND idiot, i hope...